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The Inn's signature horses are represented throughout the property in exquisite sculptures, hand-carved redwood murals, and on colorful canvases in every room.


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FountainGrove Inn Architecture Equus
Santa Rosa California Hotel Architecture
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Architect's Statement

In dream and myth, the horse is archetypal symbol of life and winged bearer of mere mortals to places beyond their reach. The modern imagination is fired by Man-o-Wars and Black Stallions as it is by no other creature, just as cave men saw in the first horse a power, speed and grace to be wished for.

It has been suggested that horses are a powerful therapy for our technical world, providing a vague but persistent sense of kinship with the past, yet imparting an equal sense of power to conquer a dimly glimpsed future.

The architects of this unique Inn and Restaurant were faced with a challenge: integrating powerful historic forces with modern even futuristic expectations. Thus the horse is not a mere decorative element, but a thread of continuity -- the striker of a chord within the human psyche, integrating nostalgia for an agrarian past with aspirations for a future as limitless and exhilarating as space itself.

Equus, thundering through history from cave walls to dressage halls, is a metaphor for all that the human spirit hopes to be.

FountainGrove Inn Architecture